Babies cry for a bundle of reasons in that first year and beyond. At your baby shower, you’ll likely receive newborn gifts that can help you soothe your baby when they cry. Wondering which items work best? It all depends on why your little angel is wailing away, though these tips along with some smart baby products can surely help!

Hold your baby
You can’t ever spoil a newborn baby by holding them too much. So enjoy those moments of closeness, and remember that many times, newborn babies cry because they want to be close to you. For added digestive support, you can hold your baby on their left side while in your arms. When your arms get tired, you can use a baby carrier which you’ll hopefully receive as a newborn gift during your baby shower. 

Master your swaddling technique
Newborn babies and babies up to around the age of 3 or 4 months feel more comfortable when they’re swaddled. For naps or nighttime sleep, using a swaddle blanket makes it easier to tuck those tiny arms and hands within to prevent that startle reflex from waking them before their next feeding. 

Our Elly Milley Organic Bamboo Zip Swaddle is perfect for the job. Made of organic bamboo fiber, it is soft and light. It will have a hugging sensation for the baby; making them feel safe and secure. Our swaddle unique 2 way zipper design allows quick swaddling and also easy diaper change; without the disturbing the baby as much. It also support the natural arms up reflex for the newborn. 


Try soothing sounds
Another wonderful newborn gift you’ll hope to receive at your baby shower is a white noise machine. White noise is comforting for newborns and babies in their first three months of life because it sounds so similar to all those noises they heard while inside your womb. If you don’t have a white noise machine, you can simply download a free app on your phone or tablet to make those same soothing sounds or tune a radio to static.

Help baby suckle in comfort
Nursing is a natural way to soothe your baby when they’re hungry. Just remember that your baby isn’t hungry every time they cry. It could be many other things so if you’ve nursed or bottle-fed your baby recently and she’s still exercising her lungs, a pacifier may help calm her down until the next feeding.

Provide teething relief with teethers
Once you get through the newborn phase, you’ll find babies will become agitated around 5 to 6 months and beyond. That’s because their first teeth will soon start poking through the gums. Get a teether and that should help your baby chomp down on some relief. We have the best teether from Bezisa, sophistically manufactured in the Netherlands. There are both wooden and freezer teether options made from food-grade silicone for safe and comfortable chomping. Their freezer teethers are the best for your teething baby. Keep it in a bag or container and pop it into the freezer. Bring it out anytime your child is fussing from the discomfort of teething. The coolness which is maintain in the freezer teether provides almost instant relief.  

Silicone sunrise teether from Kiin comes in elegant colours and it is very handy for you to bring it around. Definitely a good add-on to your teething essentials.

Looking for a newborn gift for a friend’s baby shower? Perhaps a teether, swaddling blanket, baby carrier, pacifier, or sound machine will be the right gift for you to give!

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