Elly Milley Diaper Changing Mat

$11.00 $23.00


Thin and waterproof.

Super light weight for your heavy diaper bag

Size is 70cm * 90cm




- Stain resistance and easy to clean

- Light weight and big sized which is perfect for bringing out

- Can be used as diaper changing mat

- Can be used as a waterproof mattress protector when your child outgrown diaper stage

(in case young children vomit when they are not feeling well, etc)




Size is 70cm * 90cm

Very light weight and BIG

Super easy to bring around; don't add weight to the already bulky diaper bag!


Waterproof mat with sew on seam all around!

Great for use as a kiddo picnic mat, activity mat or even diaper changing mat!


Multiple designs to choose from.


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