Table Dining Placemat/ Activity Playmat - Large Size


The table placemats from By Lille Vilde are perfect for creative play to protect the table from markers, play dough and accidental damage. It can even go in the oven should the fun contain cookie making or perhaps salty dough creatures.


  • Creative Surface: The creative surface is the perfect solution for many hours of creative play at the table. It has a really good size and can hold colouring books, modeling wax and whatever else the heart desires in a toddler. Older children also enjoy the mat as a writing pad.
  • Added Protection for Fun Play: Versatile layer to protect furniture from accidental damage and spillage
  • Embossed Edges: This keeps the matt in place so the surfaces are well protected throughout the duration of play.
  • Easy Clean: Straight to the dishwasher or simply rinse under the tap water. The material minimizes food particle adherence and makes maintenance fuss-free.
  • Stylish Design: The mat exudes elegance and is a beautiful add on to the baby’s accessories, for those play or meal times with company.


  • The mat measures 54.5 x 45.5 cm. The perfect size for going crazy creative.


  • Made from pure silicone. The quality is soft and very strong. Silicone naturally provides friction making the mat stay put on the table. Silicone contains no BPA or allergens.

Care Instructions:

  • Wash under running tap water, the mat is dishwasher friendly and is compatible with any household soap, detergent or dishwashing liquid.


  • The mats have been tested based on the strict European standards for silicone in contact with foods.