Bowl with Lid and Spoon


The perfect silicone bowl with powerful base suction - ideal starter set for baby weaning. 

The Silicone Bowl features a sturdy base suction which is crucial in preventing food spillage. Coupled with the accompanying silicone spoon that is firm but soft on the little mouth and perfectly sized, the set is an essential self-led weaning tool.


  • Sturdy Base Suction: No more toppled bowls and messy meal times. The suction is super efficient and does not lose its grip even when pulling really hard. A small leaf shaped handle on the suction allows you to release it.
  • Perfectly Shaped Design custom made for baby led weaning: Ingoing edge to keep food from being scooped out of the bowl during self-led weaning. The small ingoing notches on the spoons provide much needed grip and prevent the spoon from sliding into the bowl.
  • Food Grade Soft Silicone Material: Soft on the little one’s mouth to ensure no injury.
  • Firm but Flexible: The perfect combination to ensure successful self led weaning, with minimal food spillage.
  • Storing Solution: Safe for fridge and freezer, and oven + microwave compatible to facilitate fuss-free food prep.


  • All parts are made from food grade silicone, tested to the highest EU standard LFGB and American FDA.
  • Safe for the oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, freezer.


  • Bowl : 13x6cm
  • Spoon: 12cm in length

Care Instructions:

  • The Lille Vilde Silicone Bowl set is extremely easy to maintain due to its material which minimizes food particle adherence to its surface. A quick rinse at room temperature will get rid of most food residue from the bowl.
  • The food grade silicone is extremely non-reactive and is compatible with all household soaps, detergents and dishwashing liquid.