Floor Mat/ Kids Activity Mat

$78.00 $95.00

The floor mat from By Lille Vilde is the most beautiful solution to a mat placed under the high chair at all times. A perfect solution for food spillage and floor protection, the floor mat is stylish, durable and amazingly versatile.

The Floor mat measures 110cm across and is 3mm thick.


  • Vegan Leather:  Beautiful vegan leather with a natural rubber underneath, the leather is perfect for any spills and is easily wiped off with a damp cloth with dishwasher soap if necessary.
  • Anti Wrinkle & Fold: The natural rubber makes the mat stay in place and also makes sure it does not wrinkle or fold inconveniently. The mat can easily be rolled up and brought on the go. It even comes with a linen bag for the purpose.
  • Dual Use As Play Mat: The rubber provides a small amount of isolation which makes it perfect to place under a blanket for small babies playing at their activity gyms. It protects the floor when larger kids are playing with stacking toys.


  • Upper layer; PU of 65% polyurethane and 35% Polyester
  • Lower layer; Natural rubber of 50% natural rubber, 10% softening oil, 30% calcium powder and 10% natural fillers.

Care Instructions

  • When using the mat under a high chair we recommend never leaving the child unattended. The mat provides friction and the high chair should at all times be moved back and forth at the table by an adult without the child being seated in the chair. As to being a toy, the mat is not suitable for children under the age of 3 years due to choking hazards from small parts. 


  • The mat has been tested under current European regulations and has even passed the EU regulation for toys EN71 1-3.