Medical Grade Premium Silicone Straw - Set of 6pcs


The straws By Lille Vilde are extraordinarily made from medical grade silicone making them of the highest quality compared to other silicone straws. They are pleasant to use with no risk of damaging the teeth of our tiny humans. The straws come in various colors and are transparent which makes them easy to clean. Each pack contains 6 straws.


  • Range of  Colors and Transparent Material: Elegant, Easy Cleaning and Fuss Free Maintenance
  • Food Grade Soft Silicone Material: Soft on the little one’s mouth to ensure no injury.
  • Small Cleaning Brush:  This is easily pulled through the straw for cleaning, and the straw also goes in the dishwasher. 


  • Silicone holds no chemicals and is naturally free from BPA.


  •  The straws measure 20cm x 7mm making them perfect for little kids cups (and adults too). 
  • If you need them shorter, silicone is easy to cut and you can use the left over as beads.  

Care Instructions:

  • Easy cleaning with the small cleaning brush provided to pull through individual straws. Silicone minimizes food particle adherence.
  • The food grade material is extremely non-reactive and is compatible with all household soaps, detergents and dishwashing liquid.


  • The straws have been tested under European standards for medical grade silicone and are food safe.