About Elly Milley

Organic Air Bamboo and beyond. Baby and toddlerhood essentials specially curated and crafted for Singapore’s tropical and humid weather.


At Elly Milley, we're on a mission to redefine comfort for your precious little ones. Our commitment is simple yet profound: to ensure that every child experiences unparalleled comfort, whether they're resting peacefully, exploring the world, or embarking on playful adventures.

Our vision is to make comfort a way of life, to cocoon your child in softness, ensuring restful nights, relaxed days, and effortlessly stylish moments.


Elly Milley is a journey inspired by our own little one, Elly. Elly is our little (& noisy) bundle of joy, full of life and laughter, but also our precious daughter who has been struggling with sensitive skin and eczema.

As parents, witnessing Elly's discomfort and pain was heart-wrenching. Sleepless nights, endless tears, and feelings of helplessness were a constant companion. These were the challenges that led us on a mission to provide her with unparalleled comfort.

Our commitment to 'Comfort in Every Moment' was born from Elly's struggles and triumphs. We understand the immense stress and emotional toll that comes with caring for a child with sensitive skin; and the heart aches seeing their little body all red with rashes, and the constant mum-guilt and heart pain.


Today, we are on a mission to make a positive impact on the world, one garment at a time, ensuring comfort in every moment for little ones with sensitive skin.

Custom Blend of Organic Air Bamboo: Our pursuit of unmatched comfort has driven us to embark on extensive research and development. We've invested countless hours in trials and tests to develop our unique blend of Organic Air Bamboo. This luxurious, hypoallergenic fabric is meticulously designed to thrive in Singapore’s tropical and humid climate, offering breathability, softness, and eco-friendliness.

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We're not just about clothing; we're committed to holistic comfort for your little ones, and to make parenthood a little easier. After all, we’re all busy parents, sharing the same vision: joy and comfort for our bundle of joy.

We have also introduced our Jentle from Jeju Wet Wipes, a thoughtful addition to our baby and toddlerhood essential range. These baby wipes are specially formulated with sensitive skin in mind, enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Green Tea from Jeju.

They are perfect for on-the-go cleanups, diaper changes, or simply refreshing your lil one's face and hands.


Always here for you

If you're feeling stressed from the parenthood journey, know that you’re not alone and that Elly Milley is here for you.

Our brand is a reflection of our personal journey, and we're dedicated to making your parenting journey a little easier, one comfortable moment at a time.

& here’s a reminder to always be (jentle) on yourself!

Thank you for being part of our Elly Milley family, for journeying with us, and letting us, grow with your lil ones. Here’s to comfort in every moment.