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Singapore's most thoughtful Swaddle Sleeping Bag

We've been searching for the right sleeping bags for our little ones. Comfort, functionality, the right material, cutting and zipper designs are key considerations we look out for - but there wasn't quite a sleeping bag in the market that ticks off ALL our criteria.

Elly Milley Swaddle Sleeping Bag is thoughtfully designed in Singapore, manufactured in Korea using the latest manufacturing technology and specially sourced premium Korean Cotton + Modal!

Designed for optimal comfort for your little ones!

The measured curvature of the sleeping bag is designed for optimum heat transfer between the baby's body temperature and the surrounding. 

Using a perfect blend of 60% premium Korean cotton and 40% modal material, the material choice ensures your baby's body temperature is being regulated - no more fussing about whether it's too warm / too cold.

Meal times made easy

We know weaning can be a huge headache for mummies (including me!). This range of products are specially hand picked, tried and tested to help your little ones adapt, and have fun. After all meal times should be made easy and enjoyable for both mummies and your precious bundle of joy.

AdoraBowls with Suction Lids - Set of 2
Audrey Fashion Trimmed Bib Set - Pack of 2
Bowl with Lid and Spoon
Bowl with Lid and Spoon
$28.00 $31.00
Chewy Spoons - Set of 2
Freezer Pods
Freezer Pods
$22.00 $26.00
Hazel Fashion Trimmed Bib Set - Pack of 2
Kiddikutter Kids Knife
Medical Grade Premium Silicone Straw - Set of 6pcs
Mini AdoraBowls with Suction Lids - Set of 2
Silicone Baby Bib with Food Catcher - Set of 2
Table Dining Placemat/ Activity Playmat - Large Size
Toddler Cutlery - 3-piece Set

Functional Haute Couture

We love dressing our precious little ones in comfortable material, functional, easy to wear outfits that don't also look good and feel good! Shop our specially curated range of Haute Couture accessories and apparels.

From head bands, knotted gowns to hats, our little ones can look good & feel good!

Organic Swaddle
Stone Knit Headband
Stella Knit Headband Bow
Skye Knit Headband Bow
Olive Knit Headband Bow
Oat Knit Headband Bow
Sold Out
Lucy Knit Headband Bow
Marigold Knit Headband Bow
Leilani Knit Headband Bow
Citrus Knit Headband Bow
Bloom Knit Headband Bow
Camel Knit Headband Bow

Play time equals learn time

Don't underestimate the power of play. Whether it's playing pretend, simple acts of balancing and building, or letting their imagination run wild, we have just the right play materials for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, designed for their core sensory development.

Kiddikutter Kids Knife
Wooden Roast Chicken
Memory Game Set
Sensory Ball
Sensory Ball
Le Petit Ark
Le Petit Ark
Toaster Breakfast Set
Floor Mat/ Kids Activity Mat
Rainbow Stacking Toy
Round Stacking Tower
Sensory Tray - Large Size
Petit Four Cupcakes
Cloud Activity Tile